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HIROAPHASIC: Verbing My Nouns

(Touching you there since 1982)

30 May 1982
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Los Angeles transplant, born in hollyweird. Printmaker. Medical Illustrator. Insomniac. Carbon-based and breathing, Repeatedly.

I love books and dogs. I used to live in Belgium but now I live in Denmark on an island in the North Sea. I mostly hang out with my life and frantically verb my nouns.

Also, I'm happily married to this goofball.

"Twilight and evening bell, and after that the dark..."

abnormal psychology, adult beginner violin, aetheist, agnostic, alan lee, apocalypse, archery, art, art deco, asymetry, baths, bindery, biology, bleeding, book binding, books, brian froud, brilliance, burning, calligraphy, causality, cerberus, charles richardson, cilantro, clouds, concantination, connectivity, contentment, conversation, cooking, dante gabriel rossetti, decorative arts, degas, diversification, dogs, draftsmanship, drifting, efficacy, engendering quizical stares, falling, filth, fire, flight, food, french, genetics, goggles, graphic novels, haematology, half japanese, hands, hillarity, hiroshige, hokusai, human anatomy, illustration, implications, insanor toast, intaglio, interrelation, irony, islamic patterning, j.w. waterhouse, japanese, john donne, joseph campbell, julip, kabuki, klimt, language, ljmaps_hiroaphasia, lord leighton, m.i., masks, masquerades, mass transit, medical illustration, mispellorating, monkeys, mortality, movies, mucha, murdering the alphabet, music, neil gaiman, nihongo, nouveau, nudity, paradox, passion, patterns, penguin, perspective, peter milton, philip larkin, photos, physical chemistry, physiology, poetry, printmaking, reading, recurve bows, rigour, sailing, sandman, sargent, schizophrenia, scuba, shikataganai, silliness, skies, skinny dipping, storytelling, sushi, swimming, t.s. eliot, the golden mean, the maxx, the ocean, the pre-raphaelite brotherhood, thug hugs, tiny leapies, toast, travel, ukiyo-e, velvet, violin, w.h. auden, william henley, writing, wroth